Session of CPC

Christ Presbyterian Church is governed by a group of elected officials from the congregation known as Ruling Elders.  The Ruling Elders, along with the pastor (or Teaching Elder) compose the Session.  The Session is charged with the task of caring for the spiritual health and well-being of the congregation.  In addition to caring for the faiths of those within the congregation, the Session is also asked to be the governing body of the congregation, handling matters of shepherding and discipline.

Miles Paisant

Ron Scott

Tampa Sykora

Arthur Cronenberg

Joan Sasser


The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, concern for needs, and of serving others.  Therefore, the first duty of the Deacon is sympathy and service.  Historically, to this office has been given the duty of being the Church’s instrument for the ministry of

compassion.  The Deacons of Christ Presbyterian Church are charged with the following responsibilities:

A. To oversee the ministry of compassion of the congregation to the sick, friendless, bereaved, and those in any way distressed. 

B. To oversee those who serve as ushers, those receiving the offerings of the people, and those preparing the facilities for the use by the people. 

C. To oversee the duties of stewardship development, property maintenance, and the disbursement of funds according to an approved budget.

According to Scripture, those who bear the office of Deacon should be mature believers, led by the Holy Spirit, who exhibit a manner of life that conforms to the biblical description of an officer in Christ’s Church

Linda Scott

Therese Neff


The Board of Trustees conducts the corporate and legal matters of the church at the request of the Session

Gabby James

David York

How Officers are Elected

QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE: The qualifications for Elder are found in Scripture and the EPC Book of Order.

TERMS OF SERVICE AND ELIGIBILITY: Church Officers for these boards are elected for a three-year term of service. After serving two consecutive terms, a Church Officer is ineligible for re-election on the same board for one year, but is eligible to serve on another board. Two immediate family members may not serve on the Session at the same time. However, one may serve on the Session and the other on the Board of Trustees at the same time. “Immediate family member” is defined as a brother, sister, wife, husband, child or parent.

PROCEDURE TO SUGGEST NAMES: Members of the congregation are asked to pray about choosing Church Officers and submit names to the Officer Nominating Committee.  Before nominating someone, please ask the nominee if he/she is willing to serve. You may also contact members of the Officer Nominating Committee individually.