Who We Are

Christ Presbyterian is a community of faith, drawn together by a shared commitment to walk where Jesus leads.  First and foremost, we seek to be faithful to God and to His Word. All that we are and hope to be is shaped by that desire.  However, that commitment can manifest itself in different ways, so let us tell you what we value..

At Christ Pres we value…

Jesus – 

We identify Jesus as our primary and central value.  It is our way of saying that the most important relationship in our lives is a living, dynamic, life shaping relationship with God. Jesus makes that possible.  He is Savior and Lord.   We intend to communicate that our programs, our facilities, and even our members are not the core value.  When you come here to worship, we hope you see Jesus above all else.

Roots -

We celebrate that we have roots that sink down thousands of years.  As believers, we never stand alone; we stand on the shoulders of thousands and thousands of faithful men and women, some of whom have laid down their lives so that we might continue on in the faith.   At Christ Presbyterian, along with elements of worship that are fresh and new, there are also aspects that have survived and thrived through the tests of time and change.  We are proud our Reformed tradition, and we embrace it fully in the 21st century.

First-Hand Faith -

We do not worship a God who was active long ago, but today is distant.   We serve a God who is alive, a God who is presently calling ordinary people to follow an extraordinary Savior.  God calls us to a present tense faith, a faith that is presently growing, currently worshiping, and serving today.  The same God who called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob into a relationship with Himself is the same God who is calling out to us today.

Direction and Hope -

God has a plan.   God knows where He’s going and where He's calling us to go.  As often as we may feel lost, He is not.  Jesus calls us to follow, not to hide or wait.  At Christ Presbyterian, we want to be where God is leading, and doing what God is doing.  We are primarily bearers of hope, and it is God who points us where we are to take that hope.   

Family – 

We use this word in its widest sense.  We need each other.  We are not individuals who happened upon each other and have an unspoken agreement to join together for as long as it’s mutually beneficial.  God called and calls us together.  We need each other to grow, to worship, and to live.  For us, our commitment is expressed in our commitment to each other as a community of faith.

Mission – 

Give,  Give,  Give.  We are not called together to primarily care for ourselves.  We are not called together so that we may promote our own kingdoms, but to advance God's kingdom.  We are called to love God and neighbor wholeheartedly.  Generosity of any kind requires an abundance of faith and courage.   We believe that God has prepared and is continuing to prepare us for seeking the good of the community where He has planted us.