3 Reflections on General Assembly 2023

3 Reflections on General Assembly 2023

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.”-Psalm 133:1

The EPC held it’s annual denominational meeting in Denver, Colorado. We met to worship, fellowship, and conduct the business of the church. As I reflect on the week, several things stand out to me that I would like to share with you:

1)The EPC is dead-serious about evangelism: We heard about evangelism every day, in every session. Our Stated Clerk, Dean Weaver, has been going around the country encouraging us to put the “E” back in EPC. Our denomination was named for evangelism – and we’re doing everything in our power to get back to our roots. I saw that denomination-wide effort being lived out when I got back home and saw our church family hard at work sharing the gospel with all the children and families who attended our VBS.

2)The EPC is planting churches at a wild pace: The main way the EPC is pursuing evangelism is through church planting. Statistics tell us that new churches are much more likely to make new converts than old churches are. Our Director of Church Planting, Tom Ricks, told usthat we are planting so many churches that we don’t have enough pastors to fill them. Would you join me in praying for CPC’s two church plants – Chelsea Presbyterian in Chelsea, Alabama, and Emmaus Church in Stockholm, Sweden?

3)The EPC is united: Our denomination is focused outwardly on the Great Commission because we aren’t focused inwardly on non-essential issues. Every church and every denomination has limited resources. If we use those resources on infighting, we won’t have any resources left to reach out with the gospel. I am grateful that both CPC and the EPC are focused in the right direction.

If you haven’t already, let me encourage you to take some time to browse the EPC website. You will be encouraged and greatly blessed by the work the Lord is doing through our denomination.

Your Pastor and Friend,
John Knox Foster

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