Looking for a 2024 Devotional?

Looking for a 2024 Devotional?
“In Sunday Matters, Paul David Tripp presents fifty-two reflections on the beauty and benefits of gathering together as a church, encouraging you to participate weekly in joyful community. Read this devotional every Saturday evening or Sunday morning before church to develop a deeper relationship with God and experience passionate worship each week.”

 Several weeks ago, one of our members at CPC gave me a book entitled “Sunday Matters” by Paul David Tripp. It’s a devotional book – but it’s an unusual one. Rather than having one devotional for each day, as most devotional books do, this book is designed specifically for Sundays. It has one devotional for each Sunday of the year.

Tripp’s goal is to encourage us to prepare for and participate in weekly corporate worship. I have already found this book to be a rich store of wisdom. It has prepared my heart for worship each of the last three weeks. If you’re looking for a different kind of devotional in 2024 – this book may be for you!

Your Pastor and Friend,
John Knox Foster

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