Building Project Phase 1 – Office Move

Building Project Phase 1 – Office Move

Last Sunday at CPC, the Session announced Phase 1 of our new building project. This first phase will consist of moving the church office into a portable on-site office building and renovating the existing office space into children’s classrooms. The Session is excited about taking this first step and we are looking forward to what the Lord is going to do with our new space.

When you heard the announcement last week, I imagine you had some questions! Let me answer some of the questions that may have come to mind:

1) Can I still visit the church office? Yes! The new church office will be open for meetings with Tiffany or with me just like the old church office. Nothing will change in that respect.

2) How much is it going to cost? Renting our new office space will cost approximately $15,000 per year. If you would like to give above and beyond your tithe to defer the expense of our new space, you can donate online or via check to the building fund.

3) Is this a permanent change? No! Moving the church office is a temporary measure to free up more space for our Children’s Ministry while we continue to move forward with permanent building plans. We plan to be out of the temporary space and into a permanent space as soon as possible.

What other questions do you have about Phase 1 of our new building project?

Your Pastor and Friend,
John Knox Foster

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